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Welcome to!  UconnectIT was created to keep you connected with all of your favorite websites/accounts. Ask yourself one question, “How many email addresses or favorite websites that require usernames and passwords do I have?”  One, two, probably too many but UconnectIT will link all your favorite websites on one page.  You will no longer have to remember all the usernames and passwords required to get into your favorite websites. UconnectIT will serve as a single login website, homepage and replace your favorite’s folder.

I created one day when I was doing school work and other personal things on the internet. I had way too much going on between school, work and my personal websites. Some of them required a username and password, which at most times I had to refer to a cheat sheet because I had so many.  That’s when it hit me to create a website where I can have as many websites I wanted around one central window and not have to remember a million usernames and passwords.  I hope you find this website as useful as I have as this is only the beginning of We will continue to add functions that will enhance this website!  

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