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Manage your favorite websites the easy way
All your favorite websites in ONE place

Facebook may be your number one go to website but what about the others that you visit daily? Email, news, cooking, music, photo print other networking sites? They all add up!

Only remember ONE username and ONE password

I'm sure with your top websites, you can remember your username/password but what about the others that you visit occasionally? Do you normally forget your username and password for them? We can help you remember all of them! Before UconnectIT, I had all my username and password written down on a piece of paper.

Access from any browser!

Not at your personal computer? No worries, you can access your favorite websites from any computer with just one username and password.

Safe & secure uses high level AES block cypher encryption to protect your personal information. AES is one of the most secure encryption technologies available. We employ 512 bit encryption within our database and 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption to prevent "eavesdropping" while entering your login credentials on the website.

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